There are tons of Laptop Accessories on the market. But do you really need all those accessories? Here's a short list of laptop accessories you should consider buying...

How To Choose The Best Laptop Accessories?

How To Choose The Best Laptop Accessories?Copyright 2006 Titus HoskinsThe notebook computer is coming of age. For the first time in history, notebooks or laptops are out-selling their bigger cousins, desktop computers.The rise in popularity of the notebook computer can be contributed to many factors: drop in prices, stiff competition, aggressive marketing, but perhaps the biggest factor - increased performance.With each new generation of notebooks, we are seeing some novel breakthroughs: dual core notebooks, PCI Express, Sonoma Chipset, increased storage, increased RAM, faster CPUs, better battery life and better wireless access including a Cellular Modem Connection. All these new innovations are making for a more powerful computer embodied in a sleeker smaller package that consumers want.However, as most notebook enthusiasts know, to get full enjoyment from your laptop or notebook computer - you must have certain essential accessories. These laptop accessories will greatly enhance your notebook experience and make for a much more satisfying all-around 'complete laptop'.Here's a wish list of "laptop accessories" you may want to consider purchasing:1. Carrying Bag or Backpack - This is essential if you will be doing a lot of traveling. You might even want to consider a wheeled bag for those heavier laptops. Try to purchase a laptop carrying bag that has plenty of compartments for all those notebook peripherals. Always check to see if your laptop or notebook will fit!2. Extra Battery - Since most batteries last less than 5 hours you will need an extra battery or two. You should also check out bringing along an external battery for your laptop.3. Port Replicator - This is one essential you should consider buying for your laptop or notebook computer. It's a real hassle dealing with all those wires and connections on your laptop - that's where your port replicator or docking station solves your problem. Plug all your peripherals into the docking station or port replicator - connect and disconnect your laptop with ease without having to deal with all those wires and connections. A must have!4. Auto and Airplane ac adapter - Another essential laptop accessory if you do a lot traveling, battery life on most notebooks is not great so having a handy source of ac power from your auto or from an airplane is a 'no-brainer'!5. USB Hub - Some older model notebooks come with only one or two USB ports; if you need more - try a handy USB hub. It will give you more options.6. Wireless Card - Most laptops and notebooks now come with a wireless card. Many top brands have 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g or all three! If your notebook doesn't have a wireless card, you can get a rather inexpensive 802.11b Linksys PC Card adapter for under $50.You may also want to check out the new Sony VAIO VGN-T350P - it has the world's first 'Cellular Modem Built In' - access the Internet thru your cell phone. It has an Integrated EDGE, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth for the ultimate in wireless networking.EDGE stands for 'Enhanced Data for Global Evolution' thru the Cingular Wireless national network.7. Optional External Hard Drive - Most notebooks or laptops now come with a 40 to 100 gig hard drives, but still if you download and save a lot of movies or songs you will take up that storage space quicker than you ever thought possible. If you need an extra hard drive for storage or back-up, try an external hard drive.8. Optional External DVD Burner - Many laptops now come with a built in DVD drive but in case you need this extra for or DVD burning (movies, songs, videos, etc.) try an external DVD burner for your notebook. For maximum compatibility, try to get one that supports both DVD-R/RW and DVD+R/RW formats.9. Optional Wireless Keyboard and Mouse - Might sound strange suggesting this option since most laptops already come with a keyboard! But depending on your notebook make and model, the keyboards on most notebooks are not the greatest to type with. It all has to do with the wrong angles and the shape of the laptop, so if you want a wireless desktop style keyboard and mouse, it is relatively cheap to buy.10. Insurance! - If you do a lot of traveling, you may want to invest in some laptop insurance. Laptop theft is still a big problem and it's better to be safe than sorry.Acquiring any of these laptop accessories will greatly improve your notebook computer, making for a hassle-free computing experience that you will appreciate and enjoy much more. So don't skimp, instead, bring your laptop enjoyment up to its highest level by purchasing some of these much needed laptop accessories.You will thank yourself later!

Thermal Receipt Printer Automate your Point of Sale Process

Thermal Receipt Printer  Automate your Point of Sale Process

Receipt Printer is a low-cost, long-life, variant of a thermal printer. It comes as a single compact module with an integrated cutter for easy integration into your terminal or kiosk. Receipt printer generally has very high memory and work at high speed.It is an important point-of-sale device for the retail and hospitality industry. A receipt is a typed/written acknowledgement that a specified article or sum of money has been received. We have come across different kinds of receipts in modern times. For every product we purchase and every service we subscribe we get a receipt. Hence receipt printers outnumber the document printers used for printing reports, books, newspapers, etc.Receipt is a proof of a transaction for the purpose of exchanging or returning merchandise. Some retailers provide special "gift receipts" specifically for this purpose. Unlike a standard purchase receipt, the gift receipt omits certain information, most notably the price that was paid for an item. The receipt usually has a barcode at the bottom so that the retailer can call up the transaction information from a database of previous purchases, thus authenticating a return.The thermal "receipt printer" is able to print receipts in multiple colors and its paper rolling procedure is very simple and easy to use. Thermal receipt printers are designed to give the best performance in hectic schedules. They are plug and play devices compatible with a variety of software applications. Types of Receipt Printers: With your pos equipment, you'll need a receipt printer to issue receipts and slips for customer signatures. Whether your receipt printer is built in to the terminal or a stand-alone unit, you'll need to choose between the two main types of receipt printers: dot matrix receipt printers and thermal receipt printers. Consider price, speed, and reliabilityThe receipt printer line covers various models to cater to the diverse demand for receipts of the market. The thermal receipt printers can be divided into two: thermal "thermal receipt printer" s and impact thermal receipt printers. * Dot matrix thermal receipt printers: Dot matrix thermal receipt printers, also known as impact printers, use pins and an ink ribbon to print on regular paper. Fairly inexpensive, dot matrix thermal receipt printers tend to have slower print speeds, typically printing one to four lines per second. * Thermal thermal receipt printers: Thermal thermal receipt printers use heat and special heat-sensitive paper to generate receipts. Thermal thermal receipt printers cost slightly more than dot matrix [*_*]s, but offer faster performance (with speeds of 10 to 15 lines per second), less noise, and are generally more reliable because they have fewer moving parts. Over several years of use, the higher cost of thermal paper about equals the cost of buying both paper and ribbons for dot matrix printers. * Impact Receipt Printer: The impact [*_*] is a high-speed serial dot matrix printer. The [*_*] is housed in ABS plastic, a proven housing in toll applications. It includes a printing mechanism, a cutter assembly, an interface / controller circuit card, power supply, and drive mechanism. The printer uses a 3" roll resulting in less time changing paper and more time processing transactions. Printer setup is stored in an on-board eeprom and can be configured for operation off line. The unit is designed to operate between 0 c and 50 c in 90% relative humidity. * Inkjet [*_*]s: Fairly rare inkjet [*_*]s give you the ability to print in multiple colors. However, they have neither the speed of thermal printers nor the low costs of dot matrix printers.Most thermal [*_*]s have inbuilt buffer memory to store logos, graphics and other necessary items. They come with associated tools for sketching the logos, pictures etc. For security purposes, they store a second copy of all the transactions for future reference. Newer generation of [*_*]s come with inbuilt power backup features. Changing paper can be a hassle when you have customers waiting; many [*_*]s now have drop-in paper loading, which can simplify and speed up the process.

Thermal transfer ribbon designed for chemical and drum labeling and medical.

Thermal transfer ribbon designed for chemical and drum labeling and medical.

Premium resin thermal transfer ribbon provides near edge printers with all the performance of a full resin ribbon. They have superior resistance to abrasion, heat and a variety of chemicals ranging from oil and antifreeze to ammonia. Designed for harsh labeling environments, chemical and drum labeling and medical and pharmaceutical labeling applications.Types of Thermal Transfer Ribbon:

  • Wax "Thermal Transfer Ribbon"
  • Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon
  • Wax-Resin Thermal Transfer Ribbon
According to the company, the new wax-resin ribbons were specially developed for use with QuickLabel Systems brand multi-color thermal transfer label printers. The new wax-resin ribbons also produce high quality printing when used with other brands of monochrome thermal transfer printers. QuickLabel Systems' wax-resin ribbon line is the direct result of collaboration between its Media R&D and its Printer R&D groups.Thermal transfer ribbons come in three main types - wax, wax-resin or pure resin and are almost always black (other colors sometimes used are red and blue). These different types are made to print onto different label materials and are used when the life of the label needs to be long or the labels needs to survive harsh environments. Wax ribbons are for printing onto paper labels, where the life of the label can be years but must be kept dry and must not be abraded or subjected to certain chemicals or oil, which would melt the wax image. Wax-resin ribbons product a finer image on very smooth paper or coated paper labels. The printed image is much more durable than wax, but can still only stand slight contact with water. Finally pure resin ribbons are formulated to print onto plastic labels such as polyester, polypropylene and vinyl. The "ink" is designed to slightly dissolve into or adhere to the plastic surface of the label and becomes extremely durable, depending on the plastic material and ribbon make used.You can buy thermal paper from your local office store and pay more, or you can order it in bulk along with your POS paper and other cash register supplies. Purchasing over the Internet also gives you added convenience -- you can modify your order with just a few mouse clicks, buy additional products, or speak with customer service about any questions you might have. So don't spend precious hours sitting in your car trying to cram in a quick stop at the office store between work and home. Go online and save your money--both on thermal paper and other office necessities.Tag: Thermal Transfer Ribbon

CD/DVD Burners

CD/DVD Burners

Some people think with the standardization of DVD burners on new computer systems, CD burners have become obsolete. Most people with CD burners will tend to disagree, as do I.Before going out and purchasing a CD Burner or DVD Burner the requirements of the individual need to be determined allowing the best choice to be selected.A DVD Burner is used for copying or duplicating a DVD disc or to burn video files into DVD Format so they can be played on a home DVD player. DVD discs allow Gigabytes of Data to be burned to the disc, in some cases a whole hard drive of data, making a tempting choice to use as a data back-up tool.We need to remember that to be able to read the DVD, a DVD ROM is required. If you are in an office environment and need to use the disc on multiple computers then this may cause an issue as most computers in an office dont come installed with a DVD-ROM if they do then its a waste of money on the IT departments part.Although CD Burners are somewhat slower than todays DVD burners they do have more pros than cons when comparing to a DVD Burner for data back-ups. Blank media Discs for CD Burners are either 650MB or 700MB in size, yes a lot smaller than that of a DVD disc.CD-R discs can either hold data or audio and can be read in almost any CD-ROM and if the CD-R is made into an audio disc then its possible to read the disc in a Hi-Fi or a car CD Player you will need to make sure the drive has the ability to read CD-R media, most newer models of CD-Players are compatible to read CD-R media.DVD burners only have the advantage of size of CD burners. Now that DVD burners are becoming more and more popular, the prices of CD burners and media are dropping dramatically making them a very cost effective purchase.

The benefits of the Blu-ray disc.

This article will give you an overview of the benefits that the next-gen blu-ray format will offer over conventional formats such as DVD.The blu-ray format is going to push forward the limits of current media substantially which allow you to enjoy a host of great benefits which include: Improved Capacity, High-Definition Video, Enhanced Interactivity,Enhanced Copy Protection, and Being Future Proof. The most obvious benefit is the larger capacity. With 25gb/50gb to use, movie and game studio's will be able to offer much more in terms of extra features and longer gameplay. Also many new DVD titles require 2 discs for added features whereas only one will be needed for blu-ray which will lower the prices for you.High-Definition (HD) video playback is perhaps the most useful aspect of the next-gen formats. As HD becomes more mainstream (Sky launched there HD offering recently and more households are buying HD ready TV's) the ability for disc formats to support it is imperative. Blu-ray offers space for 2hrs/4hrs respectively of HD video (different encodings will allow more and less) with space for interactive features still available. The enhanced interactivity features are another step forward compared to DVD. By incorporating the java platform (called BD-J), blu-ray players can have dynamically changing interactive menu's that can be updated via an internet connection built into the player. These updates can include extra subtitles tracks and promotional features not available at purchase. This could effectively eliminate the 'special editions' studios tend to use as users could simply download all the extra features they wanted though its not clear if this will be free.The enhanced copy protection is one aspect you won't notice as much but is very important. Blu-ray utilizes a variety of copy protection methods such as Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Advanced Access Content System (AACS). The DRM method used on Blu-ray is called BD+ which creates dynamically changing keys to protect the discs. This means that if a key is cracked only a select portion of the discs are compromised. The AACS can effectively disable players which are deemed 'bad'. i.e. if copied discs are used frequently, the AACS could disable the player for the user and stop it working even if bought by someone else. The final copy protection which may affect you is the Mandatory Managed Copy System (MMCS) which limits users to a set number of copies of discs by making the user register the 'right' to copy the disc.Finally the blu-ray disc has been designed to be future proof. This means that by buying all the new equipment needed, you will not need an upgrade in the near future (5 yrs) as these next-gen formats evolve. Also TDK has announced work on a 200gb "blu-ray disc" (6 x 33gb layers) which will future proof the format even more.This is just an overview of the benefits that blu-ray offers. There are many smaller improvements but the benefits listed above are the ones that you are most likely going to affect you.

Barcode ribbon employs a newly system designated RibbonRation.

Barcode ribbon employs a newly patented thermal transfer ribbon conservation system designated RibbonRation. This feature is said to reduce usage of expensive thermal transfer ribbon by 50% or more. We produce our products using only high quality raw materials and employ many skilled employees and technicians. Our factory can provide the most preferential profit to customers all over the world with competitive prices and high quality items. We produce our products using only high quality raw materials and employ many skilled employees and technicians.Barcode ribbon and fax ink film are just some of the office supplies that make it possible for you to do your work properly. It is of high importance, when you work in an office to be able to transmit information in different ways. When information has to be sent from one place to another, under a form that has to be put on paper, fax ink film and barcode ribbon are essential to you. Contacts, pictures, deeds or many other valuable papers are now sent by fax in just a few seconds time. But to be able to do this properly, fax ink film must not be missing from your desk. And not only that, but these supplies also have to be the best.Modern man has come a long way since the times of ancient papyrus and mural paintings. In today's time and world, we tend to have lot facilities that we have made for our selves to better cope with all the standards that we have put up. Modern technology and ingenuity has helped us develop a lot of useful things to help us with the modern day life and problems that we encounter in our lives. Having to sustain the society that we have created one must develop certain ways to do that: this days we benefit from a lot of things like modern manufacturing. To further increase the productivity and the results of office work people have developed a way to speed things up. Besides the normal very used computers, a lot of expendables have to be used for a proper work to be done. One of the most expendables is barcode ribbon (or better known as bar code ribbon). Some of the branded names available in the supermarket stores are Prinzet, Sonoroll, Sono-roll, Sonofilm and Sono.Some of the best on the market today are wax and resin ribbons. It has been proven that they are the most reliable and practical on the market. Wax ribbon has been made in such a way that they contain a lot of wax based materials in their colorant substance. It has been made this way because the wax has a lower melting point thus the energy required to print the ink being lower. Waxes have been showed to be more efficient than resins in the usage of bar code. On the other hand the down side would be the fact that the durability of wax is smaller than in the case of resins. This is because wax is softer than resin and the fact that it is made with only one layer of colorant. Testing and a lot of using of wax ribbons has shown that they are best used at general purpose labeling, and other general activities that do not require coated substrates, matte coated substrates and other film based tagging. The best usage for this kind would be in the situations where the time needed to print the image on the label is very small and also if the life of the label is of short term.


There are tons of Laptop Accessories on the market. But do you really need all those accessories? Here's a short list of laptop accessories you should consider buying...